SCM's Technology Committment: Transforming Education

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    School City of Mishawaka is dedicated to transforming education for all students by creating a learner-centric environment that values and promotes skill and competency based learning, growth mindset and innovation.

    The robust introduction of instructional and informational technologies in SCM’s Technology Plan provides a deliberate pathway in which our teachers and students move away from the teacher-centric to the learner-centric approach for instructional delivery. It is a paradigm shift where learners are connected in a network of stable and supportive relationships with adults and are encouraged to learn through self-directed discovery, with their peers and with the guidance of adults.

    In order to achieve this Mission, we commit to:

    • Supporting and growing all members of the SCM community as lifelong learners. Providing opportunities for students, staff, parents and community members to access resources and participate in anywhere/anytime learning.
    • Creating personal learning environments, curriculum and instructional practices that best supports and grows all learners. We have a responsibility to awaken the AWE in learning. Creating wonder, relevancy, meaning, engagement, and emotional connection.
    • Focus student learning on transferrable skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking as we prepare our students to be college, career and citizenship ready. Not just college and career ready- life ready. Be able to navigate a personal, professional pathway that matches their interests, talents and skills.
    • Developing digital citizens that are responsible to our community with exemplary use of the technology through ethical discussion, decision making, and practices.

    SCM Educational Technology Core Beliefs

    • Academic excellence that promotes personal best, parental involvement, and teacher quality within a nurturing and safe environment.
    • High expectations for students and staff that leads to high performance.
    • A student-centered, positive learning environment that shapes responsible, respectful, and productive citizens.
    • An innovative culture that encourages creative and critical thinking.
    • Teamwork through collaboration among students, parents, colleagues, and the community.